•  Theatre 2015
  The Academy of Art in Egypt
Written and directed by: Mohamed Mahran
Henry Frederick is a detective at the French government. Before losing almost everything in his life, he spent four years investigating only one case: arresting Fabio Alexandre, the most well-known criminal in France, who had committed more than forty-three crimes. His first crime was killing his own father, at the age of fourteen, and later he killed his mother too. The play takes place at Jake Raseen’s bar, where Fabio’s ghost appears to the detective while reading Fabio’s diaries. He starts to discuss Fabio’s crimes, even the crime that represented a crossroads in Fabio’s life - raping Clair Raseen, a sixteen year old naive young girl, who had unexpected feelings towards him even after all he had done. Generally, the play shows the Justice’s point of view through Mr. Henry Frederick, and the crime’s point of view through Fabio Alexandre.
Translated into English