•  Theatre 2015
  Pierre Megos/ Stardust asbl
Written and directed by: Pierre Megos
Technical director/ Lighting design and lighting direction: Julie Petit-Etienne
Video direction: Tonin Bruneton
Sound direction: Pierre Berneron
Stage direction/ subtitles: Hugues Gigard
Video design: Caroline De Decker
Sound design: Iannis Heaulme
„Cinema” scenography: Thomas Delord
Scenography: Christine Grégoire, Ledicia Garcia
Make-up: Maud Liegeois
Stage design: Marc Defrise
Costumes: Pierre Megos / Alessandro de Pascale
Cast: Pierre Megos, Florence Minder, Kian Cardoen, Lucas Bierlair, Alessandro de Pascale
Since his youth, Pierre Megos has been bathing in a Hollywood dream. According to him, the capital of the cinema should appear on his birth certificate instead of Brussels. Taking this as his point of departure, he decides to stage the feeling to be „really here” but „over there” in dream by relocating Hollywood to the theatre. In „Vision”, Pierre Megos becomes the Oracle of modern times by offering to the spectators a real film anthology mixing codes, references and genres of Hollywood cinema. He proposes us a fantasized future, a dreamlike and critical conception of what mankind could be confronted with in a near future. In this show, modern and ancients myths question different themes as the power, the oppression, the freedom, the transmission, but also the act of creation that art involves in the journey of an artist. Pierre Megos uses the technique of the chroma key by staging himself in the role of Mister John, an average person destined to live extraordinary adventures. This lost character will evolve in a futuristic underground world populated by creatures of conditioned minds devoted to destruction. Only the chosen one can change everything... But what can a common person in an unreal world really do? The spectators enter a universe where theatre is confronted with cinema and reality with imagination – all this is supported by an unseen stage design which allows them to watch simultaneously a movie and its making.
Translated into Romanian
A STARDUST asbl production in co-production with La Balsamine.
With the help of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Service du Théâtre and the support of Nuits Blanches and WBTD (assistance in distribution)

      © Hichem Dahes