•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  Teatrul MASCA
Directed by: Mihai Mălaimare
Set design: Sergiu Chihaia
Music: Gabriel Basarabescu
Cast: Marina Plesa, Virginia Vasilache, Maria Pantoianu, Sabina Mitrea, Georgiana Vratiu, Andreea Corneanu, Cezara Panulescu, Mladinovici Craita, Florentina Panait, Amalia Popa, Alex Robu
Perhaps it will be the first time that you come across the evolution of the „living statues of Teatrul Masca”. A „living statue” is a performance condensed within several minutes, the depth of which often exceeds that of a good quality spoken show. A professional actor, a well-rounded character, a crystal clear theme, wonderful costumes and a perfect make-up are the attributes that define the living statues of Teatrul Masca. You will pass from one to another on a journey through time, back and forth, from one world to another, from one story to the next. The statues will follow you in your dreams and you will definitely understand that „street theater” and its cornerstone, „the living statue”, are not only the means of expression of a special theater in the Romanian theatrical landscape, but another art in itself, the art of cohabitation, companionship, dialogue, of rediscovering the beauty that lies within us and in the concrete jungle that we live in. Actors and spectators together transform the park, the street or the empty lot we find ourselves in when facing a living statue, by investing the space around us with the mirage of the infinite and the times we live in with the vocation of eternity. „A living statue is meant to be looked at, but most often it is to be devoured! The joy and fascination that will accompany you when you look at our living statues could change your own impression of the world, art, or life.” (Mihai Mălaimare)
Under the angel’s wing (the Angel, the Raincoats, the Statues, the Caryatids, Romeo and Juliet)

      © Dadal Cristinel