•  Circus 2015
 Belgium - Germany - Italy
  Les Triplettes
Performed and conceived by: Katleen Ravoet, Cecilia Manfrini, Leila Koeckenberger
Three young women invite the audience into their little world. A world full of glitter and earth, humour and strangeness, love and death, where Nina, Frida and Marlene try to find their balance. Balance in life, in love, in sadness and towards each other. With wooden poles, broken glass, sharp knives, and a big entanglement of bodies, these three girls slowly reveal their secrets. Les Triplettes welcome you in an intriguing performance which mixes amazing nouveau cirque acts with a glamorous 1920’s atmosphere. In 2009, at the Academy for Circus and Performance Arts (ACaPA) in Tilburg, the Netherlands, three young girls, Leila Kockenberger (Germany), Cecilia Manfrini (Italy) and Katleen Ravoet (Belgium) meet during their studies. In 2011, the three girls are one of the co-founders of the collective Le Cirque du Platzak and, in 2012, they also start their own company, „Les Triplettes”. Les Triplettes is interested in the thin line between circus entertainment and powerful messages towards the audience. The members of the company often intertwine some personal stories in their different acts.
The performance „(un)Breakable” has been created with the help of the project Entrée, and supported by the Found Podiumkunsten (NL) and the Vlaams Circus Centrum (BE). The creation of the performance was supported by Circuscentrum Gent (BE), CCBW Wallon (BE), Cirque Electrique Paris (FR), La Casquette Brussel (BE), Espace Catastrophe (BE) and La Central del Cirque in Barcelona (ES).

      © Erik TKindt