•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  Mabò Band
Conceived and performed by: Renzo Stizza, Amilcare Pompei, Fabrizio Palazzetti
„Tutti a casa” is the latest Mabò Band production. Inspired from Comencini’s film, the performance presents the surreal adventure of three soldiers who have run away from the war. They want to go back home and they want to see their „mamma”. Music, transformations and surprises with, at the end, a rain of big red balloons. These three soldiers actually prove to be clowns, always ready to hide and camouflage behind the powerful „red nose”. Introduced by a military parade, the performance continues with forming a circle in an open space, getting the audience involved in the show, reacting to the sound of „explosions”, laughter, balloons and at the end, everyone smiles under the „rain” of giant red noses.

      © Mabò Band