•  Theatre 2015
  Schauspiel Stuttgart
Written by: Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Director: Armin Petras
Stage design: Olaf Altmann
Costumes: Katja Strohschneider
Video: Niklas Ritter
Music: Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel
Dramaturgy: Ludwig Haugk, Bernd Isele
Assistant director: Franziska Benack, Johann Kuithan
Prompt: Dorothea von Dechend
Stage manager: Thomas Hoffmann
Cast: Wolfgang Michalek, Berit Jentzsch, Robert Kuchenbuch, Astrid Meyerfeldt, Paul Grill, Manolo Bertling, Rahel Ohm, Sandra Gerling, Christian Schneeweiß
This city is proud, proud of its history, its monuments, proud that their protests paved the way for democracy. The only problem is the economy. The factories are closed. The city is short on everything. In this situation amongst euphoria and disappointment a very prominent guest in announced. Clara, who left the city 30 years ago at the age of seventeen, is coming back home. In the meantime she has become a huge star. She offers the hopeful citizens a present: one billion equally distributed between everyone. But her charity is tied to a condition: her money only comes in exchange for justice. The salesman Alfred Ill who impregnated and then left her 30 years ago shall die. The citizens of the city are put to the test. Is their spirit of resistance that they are so proud of strong enough to withstand this temptation?
Translated into Romanian and English
Co-producers: Staatsschauspiel Dresden; Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin

      © Bettina Stöß