•  Outdoor Performances 2015
 Chile - France
Performed by: El Kote
It is a one-person circus and theatre performance, which combines the techniques of juggling and improvisation, with surreal images and humour, all in perfect synchronicity with the musical soundtrack, transporting the audience to another reality. He likes to call himself an animal of the road. The context is always the same: the way in which he always manages to establish a direct and immediate communication with the public. His street art is characterized by constant improvisation. Never a show is alike, except for its basic techniques. The high level of technical circus skill is complemented by Kote’s improvisational ability, giving life to a uniquely playful and universal communication. Dog, Frog and Chicken are the main characters of this small circus, where the only animal is the owner! José Miguel Orellana Díaz („El Kote”) was and still is present in the best street festivals in the world. In particular in the recent years, he has been the protagonist, several times in Italy, Ferrara Busker’s Festival and Mercantia, enjoying great success with the public.

      © Michael Reisinger