•  Music 2015
  Ansamblul Cindrelul- Junii Sibiului
Script: Theodor Vasilescu
Directed and choreographed by: Theodor Vasilescu, Silvia Macrea
Choreography assistant: Alesea Sas
Musical direction: Gabriel Popescu
Musical illustration: Ovidiu Mărginean
Poetic text: Rh. Constantin Dobrescu
Stage design: Alin Gavrilă
With: Bogdan Roman Gheorghe, Robert Târnăveanu, Nelu Albu
Special guest: Sandu Pop (Văru’ Săndel)
Merchants from Lipsca, furriers from Mărginime, belt makers from Hochfels, governors, Moldavian landowners, guilds and fiddlers open an unrivalled fair in Sibiu. Costumes, music, dances, scenery – are the ingredients of an exquisite show which highlights historical, ethnical and anthropological elements. „The Old Time’s Fair” is made up of two parts. The first one recreates the atmosphere of the old fairs held in the city’s Large Square, and thus, behind the stalls you will find merchants who have brought a variety of goods all the way from Lipsca, Istanbul or France, be it large or small sheepskin coats, „good leather belts”, „fine French silks and quality velvet”, „the best wooden barrels made of beech”. In the second part, the image of the baroque fair is contrasted by that of a contemporary Sibiu, more precisely of the year 2007, when in the Large Square different peoples came together by means of cultural events and tourists. The original choreographic moments, specially prepared for the show are: the Transylvanian plain dance, corăgheasca (a dance specific to the Moldavians), the Transylvanian cărușerul, brâul from Rășinari, poloneza and gavota. This project presents history in an accessible fashion to the general public – the show, and recreates a sequence of life which played a crucial importance in the baroque period of Sibiu – the fair. The rhythm, movement and rich chromatics of the show blurs the linguistical barriers for the foreign spectators, who are thus able to discover aspects of the Romanian history and civilization; therefore, the show functions as a bridge between communities.

      © Bogdan Roman Gheorghe - CJCPCT “Cindrelul – Junii” Sibiu