•  Theatre 2015
  Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theater
Written by: Nikolai Gogol
Directed by: Levan Tsuladze
Costumes designer: Nino Surguladze
Choreographer: Gia Marghania
Music adapted by: Zurab Gagloshvili
Assistant director: Nino Kalandadze
Cast: Zura Berikashvili, Nika Kuchava, Konstantine Roinishvili, Ana Grigolia, Roberta Destefano, Massimo Scola, Leonardo Lidi, Ana Vasadze
„I went to the theatre. I like going there.” says Poprishchin – the protagonist in his monologue – and a gentle, romantic world unfolds in front of us. Mavra, his servant, breaks silence and brings him back to reality. Poprishchin is a low-ranking civil servant working the daily grind. No one cares about his spiritual delicacy. He is concerned about the world’s petty problems: money, salary and everyday routine. Poprishchin is unable to distinguish real and unreal world. He is stuck somewhere in the middle searching for freedom. The strive between these two realms is symbolically shown on the stage by a big wall, which starts moving. Unreal world is changed by a real one. The stage turns into a shooting location with actors, cameramen and a film director who later appears as Poprishchin’s private doctor. Poprishchin is hopelessly in love with an actress. His madness deepens and he starts talking to two dogs about his love and his feelings. „Who said that I have no right to love somebody?” he says to himself and remembers the words of the head of the department: „A civil servant has no right to love.” Poprishchin finds himself in a mental hospital. A devil appears in front of him saying: „Patriots, clergymen, intellectuals think and talk only about money. They will sell their parents and even the God for money. Their driving force is ambition” – and you feel that you are a part of this cruelty. Poprishchin is tortured in the mental hospital. For what? Is love or a romantic feeling a weakness? Is liberty madness? Poprishchin wants to find his „little happiness” in this pragmatic and „cold” world but he is deprived of it.
Translated into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended under 14 years old
Co-producers: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre and Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (Georgia - Italy)

      © Teona Kvezereli