•  Theatre 2015
  Universitatea ”Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu
After: A. P. Cehov
Directed by: Veronica Pătru
Assistant directors: Cătălin Pătru și Ana Mujat
Project assistant: Raluca Mitea
Cast: Claudiu Urse, Alexandru Udrea, Alexandra Mihalache, Andreea Moșoiu, Ioana Cosma, Fabiola Petri, Raluca Ivan, Florentina Dumitru, Robert Mihart, Sebastian Dobrescu şi Oana Marin
„The Jubilee” presents a series of comical situations taking place in a banking institution on the day of its 15th anniversary. The characters on stage bring up various problems with the bank manager, who is exposed to extreme situations that he more or less manages to solve. The mistress, the bank employees, the wife, „the brainy banker”, the woman who comes to ask him for money because her husband was fired from his job - they all come to ruin the best day of his life - the day the „committee” grants a significant title to the bank and its manager. The bank manager hopes he will spend this important day properly, but it ends up being a disaster. This being said, the ending comes with a twist: the celebration of the bank turns out to be a complete failure.
Translated into English

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