•  Theatre 2015
  Badische Landesbühne
Author: Franz Kafka
Directed by: Carsten Ramm
Stage Design: Carsten Ramm/Larissa Benszuweit
Costume Design: Kerstin Oelker
Dramaturgy: Larissa Benszuweit
Video and Sound Design: Matthias Burger
Performed by: René Laier
„Lying in my heap of Earth I can naturally dream of all sorts of things, even of an understanding with the beast, though I know well enough that no such thing can happen, and at the moment when we see each other, more, at that instant we merely guess at each other’s presence, we shall both blindly bare our claws and teeth, neither of us a second before or after the other, both of us filled with a new and different hunger, even if we should already be gorged to bursting.” (Kafka: The Burrow) He created a perfect burrow. The entrance is cleverly hidden and the labyrinth of tunnels is a challenge for every intruder. But what happens, if someone follows him and sees how he enters? What happens, if a dangerous enemy gets into the burrow? His worst fears come true, someone seems to have entered. Everywhere he hears whistles, but where does the noise come from? Is the enemy real or does his imagination play tricks on him? A seemingly endless search begins… Kafka described in his unfinished text the threat of invisible and untrackable dangers. Due to the internet and state supervision, this threat has become reality.
Translated into Romanian and English

      © Sonja Ramm