•  Outdoor Performances 2015
 The Netherlands
  Teatro Pavana
Performed and conceived by: Teatro Pavana
Amazing new show that delights young and old, and carries the audience into an enchanted and wonderful world. When The Ballerinas turn their pirouettes, their beautiful coloured skirts move spectacularly along. Clouds of tulle wave and swirl synchronously or against each other, to the sound of music. It’s not easy to balance on pointe, but with the instructions from the ballet teacher, the complicated choreography will be brought to a great success. Ballerinas wear skirts in which no less than 250 meters of tulle has been processed for each. Almost all of the artists have a dance background. Therefore we could especially pay attention to the choreography. They are guided by a „ballet teacher”. Under her skirt she hides a sound system which plays music. The dances of these beautiful ballerinas will amaze you and make you desire to twirl.

      © Fulvio Trifelli