•  Theatre 2015
  Rinkogun Theatre Company
Written and directed by: Yoji Sakate
Stage designer: John Manjiro
Lighting designer: Isao Takebayashi
Sound planner: John Manjiro/ Tokoha Utsumi
Costume planner: Noriko Ono
Stage manager: Hiroshi Okawa
Production Coordinator & Manager: Michihiro Furumoto
Cast: Aya Enjoji, Mari Nakayama, Tenshi Kamogawa, Kenjiro Kawanaka, Tsunekazu Inokuma, Lee Ju-Won, Eito Azumaya, Hideyuki Sugiyama, Naofumi Takeyama, Yoko Matsuoka, Maiko Hio, Yuka Tanaka, Syoko Munakata, Tomoshige Uhara
“Yaneura” (“The Attic”) is a collection of two dozen seemingly disconnected episodes that takes an incisive look at the recently growing social issue in Japan called hikikomori. It refers to people in their teens or 20's or even older, who have shut themselves in their rooms and refused any contact with the outside world. All the scenes are performed in a comically claustrophobic 2 meter wide set, just the size of an attic, or yaneura. Within the fiction of this play, “Yaneura” is also the trade name for the tent-like, trapezoidal, self-assembly “room” in which the play occurs, marketed and sold via internet by an unnamed corporation. With wit and humour, the play examines this phenomenon of hikikomori from diverse perspectives, through the eyes of both the participants of self-enforced and involuntary isolation (who have all somehow come to occupy yaneura units), as well as their witnesses – their family and friends. The wide range of narratives in this darkly comic play explores the implications of Hikikomori as a symptom of social dysfunction in postmodern Japan, and the revelatory experiences of those who have been atomized by the lack of “real” communication and forced to choose lives of confinement and isolation. “Wittily scripted, a testament to Sakate, brilliantly skillfully staged. The play has a power out of all proportion to its size.” - The Japan Times Toured at: Tokyo, Paris, Wien, Frankfurt, Roma, Terni, Yalta, Bucharest, New York, Pittsburg, Miami. Awards: The 10h Yomiuri Theatre Awards: Best Direction Award; The 37th Kinokuniya Theater Awards; The 54th Yomiuri Literature prize (drama category)
Translated into Romanian and English
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal year 2015

      © Michihiro Furumoto