•  Dance 2015
Direction and choreography: Sengiku Bando
Cast: Sengiku Bando, Kaori Natori, Senhaku Bando, Senhiro Bando, Rinka Bando, Senyu Bando, Sentsuna Bando
„Chûshingura” was born out of historical grandeur majestically presented as „Chûshingura”. To open new horizons expressions, the performance presents this famous story, derived from classical Kabuki theatre, dance, and body language. What does this story mean today? Does it tell the story of revenge and bushido, globally recognized nowadays? „Chûshingura” poses various questions on our present condition. How to represent the dramatic tension of „Chûshingura” through body language? It is through a search on our bodies, rooted in the present, so that, considering this story from a different angle and opening new possibilities of expression, we have tried to create an original performance for the Sibiu International Festival.

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