•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  David Moreno & Cia.
Performed by: David Moreno, Ivo Oller, Bernat Guardia
An elegant grand piano, an upright bass and a cardboard cube made of 33 boxes brimming with surprises... elements that are the starting point for a dynamic and honest vital journey that will bring us to a place of ingenuous games, emotions, smiles... „Street M[u]F” is a concert, where three musicians play a performed composition with virtuosic interpretations, constructions and deconstructions. Music and Movement - visual and sound poetry with a generous dose of humour. David, Ivo and Bernat are seeking their essence, as musicians and as persons. The sum of what they play (both on the sound level and on the physical level), where the instrument is and where the performer is creates a poetry, with a singular and extraordinary soundtrack, which will make the viewer fly! A journey through games and emotions with the sole aspiration of abstracting and having fun with the audience, making them the other player in this game.

      © Gialla Farfalla