•  Theatre 2015
  Théâtre de la Ville-Paris
Author: Luigi Pirandello
Translation and adaptation: François Regnault
Directed by: Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota
Assistant director: Christophe Lemair
Set and light design: Yves Collet
Music: Jefferson Lembeye
Costumes: Corinne Baudelot
Make-up: Catherine Nicolas
Cast: Hugues Quester, Alain Libolt, Valérie Dashwood, Sarah Karbasnikoff, Stéphane Krähenbühl, Walter N’Guyen, Céline Carrère, Charles-Roger Bour, Olivier Le Borgne, Sandra Faure, Gaëlle Guillou, Gérald Maillet, Pascal Vuillemot, Jauris Casanova
Actors are preparing to rehearse for a Pirandello play. They are interrupted by the arrival of six unknown characters. The father declares: „We are searching for an author”. He then asks the director to stage their drama. He says they were born characters forever, but that the author who created them left their story unfinished. Director and actors are perplexed. The young lady of the group asks to perform the scene of her passion for the father. She introduces the other characters: the mother who is the father’s ex-wife, their legitimate son, then born of a second husband, herself (the step-daughter), a very closed-in adolescent and a little girl. The director, at first reticent, lets himself be seduced by their story. He agrees to become the author and has them start to play the fateful scene where the father wanted to pay the step-daughter for sexual scenes in the back store of a procuress seamstress. The actors try to perform this scene. But the step-daughter protests and decides to show the scene as it actually took place, erotic and scandalous thus meaning to reveal the ignominy of the father. The mother is horror struck, because the scene is taking place here and now! A garden pond. The step-daughter describes the scenes taking place in the garden: the son had rushed though the garden to rescue the little girl, but was withheld by the vision of the adolescent watching his little sister who had just drowned. Then the adolescent shot a bullet through his head. The mother screams. General confusion: Reality? Fiction? No one knows! The rehearsal is over. Silhouettes of the „surviving” characters. The step-daughter alone emerges from this mirage and leaves the theater space.
Translated into Romanian and English
Production Théâtre de la Ville-Paris in co-production with Les Théâtres de la ville de Luxembourg

      © Jean-Louis Fernandez