•  Theatre 2015
  Arnold Szyfman Polish Theatre-Warsaw
Written by: William Shakespeare
Screenplay by: Piotr Kaminski, Jerzy Klesyk
Directed by: Andrzej Seweryn
Cast: Andrzej Seweryn
In interactive dialogue with the audience, Andrzej Seweryn speaks about the world of Shakespeare and the world in general. Soliloquies from the masterpieces of the brilliant Stratford playwright - Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Henry V, The Tempest, Richard III - spin a fascinating tale of literature and culture, but also man in his moments of triumph, despair, and defeat. The production is a unique debate about contemporary theatre and a manifestation of faith in the power of dramatic art. The actor, impersonating Henry V, Hamlet, Falstaff, or Richard III, but also Ariel, Lady Macbeth, and Juliet, brings out the beauty and timeless wisdom of Shakespeare's poetry. The play touches on major Shakespearean themes: obsession with power, the madness of the senses, the timelessness of love and the sadness of loneliness, jealousy and betrayal, the ubiquity of desire and the pain of failure, doubts about the meaning of life, and the power of hope. It transforms Shakespearean drama into a context for our own modern doubts and tragedies. This production is recommended to connoisseurs of the works of Shakespeare as well as to those still new to his art. The former will enjoy their favourite Shakespearean soliloquies and dialogues in an innovative, masterful interpretation of Andrzej Seweryn. The latter will be encouraged to continue their exciting journey into the world of the dramatic genius from Stratford.
Translated into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended under 12 years old

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