•  Book 2015
Scena.ro, issue no. 28 – 1/2015: „How to celebrate cultural memory - Tadeusz Kantor Centenary in Scena.ro performing arts magazine"
Guests: Cristina Modreanu, Mirella Patureau
Tadeusz Kantor believed the lack of respect for cultural memory is the main cause for the crisis in this part of the world, says one of the specialists quoted in the special dossier dedicated to his memory by Scena.ro performing arts magazine. Articles about the new home of Cricoteka, Kantor's museum in Cracow, his famous works, his happenings, the common artistic ground he shared with other artists of his time like Pina Bausch throw a complex light on the powerful legacy of Tadeusz Kantor - 100 years from his birth. The Dossier was produced with the help of Polish Institute - a great protector of Polish cultural memory whom we want to thank warmly.