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  The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices
Performed by: The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices
With musical roots dating back to the ancient Thracians, the Bulgarian Women’s Choir creates a vocal music that is unlike any other. Combining elements of Byzantine liturgy, laments and folk music sumptuously sung in six-part harmony by pure vibrato-free voices, the 20-voice Grammy Award-winning choir is in demand all over the world. Representing various regions of Bulgaria, the singers in this over 50 years old choir transform century old traditional songs with striking modern arrangements, with soloists often taking flight over drone notes and harmonies that shimmer with dissonance. Newsweek hailed the „mesmerizing… performances that are breathtaking in their beauty”, The Boston Globe wrote „The sound that the Bulgarian women make is wonderful, unlike anything else and unforgettable” and St. Louis Post-Dispatch simply called it „the most beautiful music on the planet”.

      © Foto Milton, Mieczyslaw Mieloch