•  Theatre 2015
  Asociaţia Centrul Multimedia Teatru FiX
Author: John Mighton
Director: Theodor-Cristian Popescu
Translated and adapted by: Cristina Toma
Stage design: Velica Panduru
Video artist: Andrei Cozlac
Cast: Florin Caracala, Stanca Jabeniţan, Cătălin Ştefan Mîndru, Cosmin Panaite, Cristian Bojan, Alex Iuraşcu
The play of the Canadian mathematician and playwright John Mighton, „Possible worlds”, is built around a character that lives simultaneously, sensuously and rationally, in a multitude of parallel realities. It is a love story, a sort of chase of the same woman that lives in different beings, intertwined with a thriller, a crime fiction story that looks at the disentanglement of a hunting for brains by a fanatic researcher. This show will originate at the interference between these two sensations, presenting the spectators with multiple points of view at the same time, trying to project on them the feeling of simultaneous existence in these parallel universes, in these “possible worlds”. „I can definitely say that „Possible worlds” does not resemble anything I have ever done or seen. From this moment on, we will see its impact and the image it creates, but this I could guarantee: that you will not find anything similar in the theatre shows nowadays.” – Cristian Theodor Popescu, director.
Translated into English

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