•  The VIRGIL FLONDA Reading Shows 2015
PAWEL DEMIRSKI - Diamonds Are Coal That Got Down to Business
Event moderated by: Cătălin Ştefănescu
Translated by Sabra Daici
Directed by: Bogdan Sărătean
Speakers: Sabra Daici, Arthur Zapalowski, Iulia Popovici
Paweł Demirski (born 1979) is a graduate of architecture and journalism (Technical University of Gdańsk and University of Breslau) and a member of the left-wing magazine Political Critique. He is an outstanding playwright who takes on contemporary topics, focusing on documentary drama (verbatim) and on the issue of social crisis, emigrants, unemployment, market economy. He was Literary Director at the Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk and dramatic adviser at Szybki Teatr Miejski. His plays were staged by Michał Zadara, Wojtek Klemm, Piotr Waligórski, Remigiusz Brzyk. Since 2007, he has been collaborating with the stage director Monika Strzępka. Their works were awarded a prize by the The Politics magazine (2010), for the „consequent development of the critical theatre project. For the courage of speaking more and harsher than we want to hear”. In 2011, the Krytyka Polityczna publishing house launched Parafrazy, a collection of plays by Pawel Demirski. In 2013, Demirski made his debut as a translator with Love and Information by Caryl Churchill.

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