•  Dance 2015
 Czech Republic
  Michal Zahora & Lenka Bartunkova/ NANOHACH comp.
Coregrafia: Lenka Bartunkova & Michal Zahora
Music: Carlo Natoli
Light design: Jan Komarek
Graphic design: Jana Baladova
Performing: Lenka Bartunkova, Michal Zahora
The moment that is my life and the reflection of my world. A duet that questions the apparent natural character of our humanness through binary concepts. This introspective dance journey is inspired by C. G. Jung’s „Red Book”. „My speech is imperfect. Not because I want to shine with words, but out of the impossibility of finding those words, I speak in images. In no other way am I able to pronounce the words of the depth.” (quotation from the “Red Book” by C. G. Jung) „...a crown jewel on the repertory of Nanohach, a crown jewel on the Czech dance scene...” (Jana Navratova / Mozaika, Czech Radio, 5.12. 2012); „An exceptional piece was created, with original taste and shade. This is another triumph of the Czech creative dance scene. (...) There are no compromises, this brand new production is professional in all respects, reaching all of its ambitious goals...” (Nina Vangeli, from her article „Intuition, Energy and Mirages”, 28.11. 2012)
Co-producers: Tanec Praha, DIOD Theatre (Jihlava City), Pap_rna Factory (Pilsen City)

      © Lukas Houdek