•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  Mabo Band
Conceived and performed by: Renzo Stizza, Amilcare Pompei, Fabrizio Palazzetti
As long as it’s paved, the road is the environment that has always distinguished the worldwide success of the Mabò Band. The „On the road” show has become the soundtrack for an ideal journey. Through thousands of world cultures, it offers an opportunity to discover the enchanted views of a tourist-packed city or, in an urban setting, to revalorize places that have long been forgotten. Through this performance full of energy, that counts over 2000 representations, Mabò Band created an unmistakable style. The musical improvisations, dynamic and comic, get the public involved in the show and this has always characterized the group. From German to Japanese festivals, from Canada to New Orleans, from Russia to great international fairs in Berlin, experiencing countless traditional celebrations and street festivals all around the world, the Mabò Band members go on sharing their music, so full of enthusiasm and passion.

      © Mabò Band