•  Dance 2015
   Anat Grigorio Dance Projects
Choreography and performance: Anat Grigorio
Voice: Sascha Engle
Dramaturgy: Shira Bejerano
Rehersal manager: Ilana Belahsen
Lighting design: Shachar Werchason
Stage manager: Ofer Lachish
Original soundtrack: Idan Shimoni
What is the role of the individual in a world that is greater than any one person? Where does „I” meet the bigger world, the audience, the director? Is „I” really „me” or is it just an amalgamation of everything expected of me? The voice of Mr. Nice Guy emerged from a personal process I was going through, as a woman, as a dancer and choreographer and as a human being. A lot of Q brought to my head and I decided to go and create a 45 minutes solo performance that put me in this big challenge of redefining my self as a creator and as a woman from a social and political point of view. There are so many „voices” in our heads that limit our freedom of speech and make us victims of our society. Everything we do is a result of what we learn and what we understand from our society BUT where is our inner voice? What does our inner voice really believe in? Mr. Nice Guy brings an inner dialogue that raises questions about gender and identity and reflects on our society’s behavior.
Performance not recommended under 12 years old.

      © Gadi Dagon