•  Music 2015
  Societatea Filarmonică „Lyra” Brăila
Works by: R. Strauss, Pink Floyd, W.A. Mozart, Led Zeppelin, G. Bizet, Călin Grigoriu, Saint-Saëns, Queen, L.W. Beethoven, Beatles, C. Orff, G. Rossini, F. von Suppé, Deep Purple
Leader: Mihaela Cesa-Goje
Performed by: Dan Helciug, Călin Grigoriu, Remus Carteleanu, Florin Demea, Adrian Ciuplea, Andrei Ilie, Mihai Ardelean, Cezar Popescu, Noua Orchestră Transilvană
The „Mozart Rocks” concerts, initiated by the Philharmonic Society „Lyra” in Brăila, offer the audience an original approach of music by combining the sonorities of symphonic orchestras with the modern sound of electronic instruments, used in the interpretation of famous songs of modern rock: Pink Floyd, Queen, Led Zeppelin, but also of some classical composers: Bach, Bizet, Strauss, Beethoven, and of course, Mozart. All these elements shape up a new orchestration that benefits of the vigorous sound of instruments characteristic to rock music, resulting in a show that is appreciated by all music lovers, no matter their age. No less than 16 Romanian artists, as well as two foreigners, have held concerts in this formula, alongside renowned symphonic orchestras, on numerous stages, like Sala Palatului, Sala Radio, Ateneul Român, in Bistriţa, in theatres in Brăila and Galaţi, in Timişoara, Alba-Iulia, Craiova, Cernăuţi and Sankt Petersburg.
Co-producers: „Noua Orchestră Transilvană” din Cluj