•  Outdoor Performances 2015
Performed by: Francesca Krnjak, Elisa Balugani, Ciro Romeo, Teresa Fazio, Bianca Ferricelli, Eleonora Manicardi, Laura Martinelli, Jacopo Barone, Enrico Pasini
„Moonlight Invasions” cannot simply be explained, this performance can only be experienced live. In fact it proposes the idea of a „different” space, with a sense of gravity unlike that on Earth, a sense of a very remote world, populated by imaginary beings venturing in unexplored places. This is a performance evoking a universe of surreal images using body, costumes, tools, and a play of lights and shadows. „Moonlight Invasions” is an invite to flee from the real world and plunge into the magic of mystery. This is achieved thanks to its visual seduction, where invented fascinating cosmic objects leap and fluctuate in a metaphysical moon sea. During itinerant parade stilt acrobats and dance-actors glide amongst the crowd, creating illuminated tableaux vivants (living pictures). Stilts as a stage to catalysis attention. The mastery of the actors becomes a game, which interacts with adults and children, while dance becomes a magic ritual able to lift the audience from the ground and take them into a dreamy dimension, with music and sounds from the company’s repertoire.

      © Enrico Pretto