•  Theatre 2015
  Royal District Theatre
Author: August Strindberg
Director: Data Tavadze
Translation: Davit Gabunia
Music: Nika Pasuri
Cast: Kato Kalatozishvili, Giorgi Sharvashidze, Keta Shatirishvili, Paata Inauri, Magda Lebanidze, Iako Chilaia, Salome Maisashvili, Natuka Kakhidze, Anna Tsereteli
The daring contemporary interpretation of the classical play by the young theatre-makers from Georgia is dedicated to the 100th year of August Strindberg’s death. The production takes a fresh look at the eternal issues of gender and class, as relevant in today’s life as it was in 1888 when „Miss Julie” was written in Sweden. The critics often call the play „Anti-Romeo and Juliet” because of its sharp and merciless portrayal of mismatched, sexually charged and fatally passionate relationships between the Count’s daughter, Miss Julie and her father’s servant, a social climber Jean. The production also includes the preface Strindberg wrote to the play, dealing with the challenges of contemporary theatre, his still relevant and precise observations of how theatre should develop and the dangers it has to face. Thus, Royal District Theatre presents the exploration of theatrical languages alongside with the deep psychological analysis of the fatal attraction between characters.
Translated into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended under 16 years old

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