•  Outdoor Performances 2015
 Italy - France
  Corona-Events with Imperial Kikiristan
Art director: Roberto Corona
A parade is always a place and a moment of unusual meeting, joined by people who are just coming around, ranging from adults to children. Itinerant show at day-light, accompanied by live marching band, and night-time, with live singer and our independent audio system. This is a dreamlike spectacle: light and joyful during the day, fascinating and mysterious at night, accompanied by live singing and live music. In the daytime version the artists dance on stilts like in a garden of dreams: huge butterflies, dancing, creating swirls of colours surrounding the public and streets, elegant ladies and a beautiful singer in her best costume. At night the amazing Queen of the Night, with her strong voice, leads the parade composed by mysterious marine creatures, fire performances and bright wings that make dance thousands of small lights.
Metamorphosis (White Lady, Queen of the Night, Bright Butterflies, Jellyfishes, Dance with Fire, Dance on Stilts, Silk Butterflies)

      © Macri Bruno