•  Theatre 2015
  Teatrul Național Cluj-Napoca
By: George Tabori
Directed by: Alexandru Dabija
Stage design: Carmencita Brojboiu
Dramaturgy: Cătălin Ștefănescu
Music: Ada Milea, Anca Hanu
Assistant director: Leta Popescu
Assistant designer: Cătălin Bocîrnea
Stage manager: Constantin Pojonie
Lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan
Lights technician: Mădălina Mânzat, Alexandru Corpodean, Ionuț Maier
Sound technician: Marius Rusu
Video projections: Vasile Crăciun
Prompt: Ana Maria Moldovan
Cast: Ionuţ Caras, Cristian Grosu, Radu Lărgeanu, Cătălin Herlo, Silvius Iorga, Sorin Leoveanu, Matei Rotaru, Angelica Nicoară, Diana Buluga, Patricia Brad, Anca Hanu, Ramona Dumitrean, Cristian Rigman, Alexandra Tarce
The anti-Nazi farce „Mein Kampf” is George Tabori’s most famous play and he directed it himself for the first time in Wien, in 1987. Through his theatre, Tabori wanted to encourage the audience to laugh at the monsters and killers presented on stage. „Mein Kampf” is an exorcism, a huge laughter, a song of freedom in which the author, a victim of the Nazi terror, depicts horror in an unexpected manner. Shlomo Herzl, an old Jewish bookseller, lodges an untalented young man who wants to study at the Fine Arts Academy. The young man’s name is Hitler, an egocentric and rude character, paranoid and vain, a Nazi in the making. Shlomo could have foreseen the approaching danger, but all he sees in Hitler is just another fellow human being.
Translated into English
Performance not recommended under 16 years old

      © Nicu Cherciu