•  Theatre 2015
 United States of America
  Project Collabyrinth (Pace University School of Performing Arts)
Director: Adrienne Kapstein
Ensemble: Rania Alrashoodi, Nicholas Bonaparte, Tyler Crosby, Hersh Ellis, Rachel-Ann Giambrone, Joseph Goldman, Alyssa Joanlanne, Ashley Lopez, Joshua Marcks, Seth Olsen, Mara Rothman, Parker Stanley, Gaby Vallejos, Rachel Wender
„Love is Love” is an investigation of love in its various forms, fantasies, and fictions. Using interviews and found text, as well as physical theatre, puppetry, original music, song and dance, the show aims to capture just how much the heart can hold. A patchwork of stories and styles, this piece is held together by the question „What is love?”. „Love is Love” was created by the students at The Pace School of Performing Arts’ International Performance Ensemble Bachelor of Arts program under the direction of Adrienne Kapstein. Some of the work was created from interviews, some stem from writing assignments, and the rest were discovered through improvisation and devised collectively. All the music is original, composed by ensemble members, Josh Marcks and Parker Stanley, in collaboration with Nick Bonaparte.
Translated into English
Co-producer: Pace University

      © Mark Wyville