•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  Plasticiens Volants
Author: Marc Mirales
Performed and conceived by: Plasticiens Volants
„Little Nemo in Slumberland”, the incredible comic of Winsor McCay, was published in the New York Herald Tribune in 1905. By the invention of the first cartoon strip, a series of amusing drawings, McCay revolutionized the comic strip. With its graphics, design colors, mastery of perspective and the complex strips cutting, he was a precursor of the cartoon. McCay transposed in his graphic concept, with a subtle humor, one of the most striking themes of modern times, the discovery of the unconsciousness. Every night, his hero, Little Nemo, flies away in incredible Dreams in pursuit of a very beautiful Princess. In his sleep, he ventures to the heart of unknown countries and cities populated by fantastic animals. He meets fabulous characters and lives amazing situations where the immoderation prevails. It will be a visual spectacular ambulatory show accompanied by music for several thousands of spectators that will DREAM, will SHIVER and will be touched throughout the „Little Nemo” imaginary.

      © Plasticiens Volants