•  Theatre 2015
  Teatrul L.S. Bulandra - Bucureşti
By: Israel Horovitz
By: Israel Horovitz
Translation by: Mihnea Columbeanu
Directed by: Iarina Demian
Stage design: Dana Istrate
Choreography: Andreea Novac
Music illustration: Tudor Chirilă
Cast: Tudor Chirilă, Nicodim Ungureanu/ Cristian Creţu, Mariana Dănescu/ Irina Ungureanu, Ion Grosu, Radu Gheorghe
„Line” is an existential fresco in which five people are waiting for an event that is never mentioned, even if the characters have certain contradicting expectations regarding it. The purpose may be uncertain, yet the line is a certainty as each one struggles to be the first in line by using any means possible, thus increasing constantly the tension of each moment as time passes by. This is a text full of meaning, concerning a world lacking in values, a place where everybody struggles to be the first. In fact, this ardent desire to be first is an illusory one, because no one can reach perfection in any given matter. In a world in which people desire success first and foremost, „Line” puts us in front of a mirror, forcing us to think about it: is it such an important thing being the first and what would be the ultimate price one has to pay for it?
Translated into English
Performance not recommended under 12 years old
Co-producers: Teatrul L.S.Bulandra and artEST Foundation

      © Adi Bulboacă