•  Dance 2015
 Czech Republic
  NANOHACH comp.
Coregrafia: Lenka Bartunkova & Michal Zahora
The performance is based on a real correspondence. Individual voices of the authors intertwine and create layers of meaning. Pleading words circle around one point or hurry towards new findings and culminate in their meaning in a moment they unexpectedly meet themselves. This polyphony – intensive sound of body – makes the dancer move. The dancer, whose adaptable identity allows him to feel the eruption of emotions of the author of the letters to later accept them discovers the inner world of a man. In the expressions of admitted vulnerability, the dancer balances between denial and reconciliation. ‘I am making a decision whether to write the letter or not. How many times in life do we stand in a crossroad and have a chance to make a choice based on our free will. Our strength lies in this possibility. And how many times we do not have the possibility of choice since there is only one way left for us. And we feel weak and vulnerable. I am going to write the letter. I have to. Because… your presence in my life is a festival. And my voice can be heard across the universal.’

      © Costin Chesnoiu