•  Theatre 2015
   Klaus Maria Brandauer / Peter Stein
Author: Samuel Beckett
Directed by: Peter Stein
Set design: Ferdinand Wögerbauer
Costume design: Annamaria Heinreich
Actor: Klaus Maria Brandauer
Short one-act play, „Krapp’s last tape” was written by Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) in 1958 and premiered that same year at the Royal Court Theatre, in London, directed by Donald McWhinnie and with Patrick Magee as Krapp. Action takes place in the day of his 69th anniversary: sitting at his desk, at home, old Krapp grabs a tape from a drawer, in which he had recorded his impressions on life and himself 30 years ago - the same way he did every year, ever since his 24th anniversary. Through these recordings, Krapp „separates the wheat from the chaff” of his experiences and memories. The 39 year-old man we hear in the recording is quite different from the one on stage: they share, however, the disdain for their younger self, the 24 year-old one, and a taste for bananas. The author himself commented sarcastically that the outcome of all this theroic effort was a weary old Krapp, whose evening does not end well. Beckett is an unflinching chronicler of the hopelessness of an entrapped subsistence, although he is also, when confronted with utter emotional misery, a comforting stoic. Sometimes, Krapp laughs out aloud as he listens to the old tape. Old age permits him to view some things with irony.
Translated into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended under 12 years old
Special thanks to the Austrian Cultural Forum

      © Jim Rakete