•  Theatre 2015
  Universitatea ”Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu / Universitatea ”Babeș Bolyai” Cluj Napoca
After: Mario Vargas Llosa
Direction and stage design: Larisa Nuțescu
Choreography: Adriana Bârză
Project Assistant: Lazăr Mircea-Teodor
Cast: Cristina Blaga, Paul Bondane, Maria Tomoiagă, Călin Mihail Roajdă
Kathie Kenethy, a bourgeois middle-aged woman, decides to write a travel book. In this respect, she receives the help of Santiago Zavala, a professor aspiring to be a writer, with whom she spends two hours every day in her loft. The two gradually go beyond the premise of their meetings – the desire to write a book – and the time spent together starts to mean something more than the fulfillment of a strictly cultural need. Starting from the journey around the world reported by Kathie, the two gradually slide towards other types of travels, real or imagined, which are born from memory, but also from desire or fantasy, and obsessively and hauntingly come to life on stage. It is a play about the meeting between two people, about their need to confess to one another, about the need to plunge into the past and about imagination as a means of self-knowledge, but also as a way to simply enrich life. A play in which humor and lying actually cleanse the truth of the characters. In the introduction he wrote for this play, Mario Vargas Llosa revealed a bit of what he intended by writing this text: „The inevitable abyss between the concrete reality of an individual and the desires he will never be able to satisfy is the origin of human unhappiness, dissatisfaction and rebelliousness. It is also the raison d’être of fiction, that falsehood thanks to which (...) we can transpose ourselves in richer worlds, either more sordid or more intense ones. (...) Thanks to fiction we find out what we are, what we are not and what we would like to be.”
Translated into English

      © Radu Nechit