•  Theatre 2015
  Yoshi Oida
Conceived, directed and performed by: Yoshi Oida
With the extraordinary participation of George Banu
Music: Dieter Trüstedt
In Zen Buddhism, the realization of the true nature of one’s mind is attained through meditation and self-training. In Japan today, Zen Buddhism continues, manifesting in the traditions of two major sects: Soto and Rinzai. In both sects, spiritual training involves the practice of meditation, but in the Rinzai sect, such meditation may also utilize the Koan. A collection of „words” taught by Zen Masters and recorded in Chinese anthologies dating from the 11th to the 13th centuries, the Koan refers to a question or statement posed by the teacher to provoke understanding from the student. The student must strive to reply to each koan, which in turn becomes the focus for meditation. The „words” themselves aren’t logical, and there is no clear and coherent answer to the questions they pose. The student’s search beneath the surface to find a response to a question may take several years, maybe even a lifetime. During the performance of „Interrogations”, I ask the audience questions from the Koan. In this case, there is no spiritual or philosophical objective, only entertainment based on the gap between word and thought, as in the writings of Beckett or lonesco. Obviously, there is no need for anyone to find the „right” answer, but the questions act as a thread linking the audience with the two performers. They join us together; they create a sense of involvement, and cooperation, allowing us to move together toward a moment of shared delight, toward a living theatre.
Translated into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended under 16 years old

      © Tom Dombrowski