•  Theatre 2015
  Teatrul Regina Maria Oradea
Script by Gavriil Pinte, with insertions by George Banu and Monique Borie
Directed by: Gavriil Pinte
Stage design: Roxana Ionescu
Original music by: Vasile Șirli
Cast: Mirela Lupu, Ion Abrudan, Sebastian Lupu, Radu Tudor, Richard Balint, Angela Tanko, Anda Tămășanu, Ion Ruscuț, Pavel Sîrghi, Eugen Neag, Emil Sauciuc, George Dometi, Alin Stanciu, Ciprian Ciuciu, Sorin Ionescu
This performance is a project inspired by „La Scene Surveillee” and „The Night” from „The Trilogy of the Removal”, written by George Banu, and „The Phantom or the Doubt of the Theatre” by Monique Borie, but also from the experiences Mr. Gavriil Pinte has had over the last years, held in spaces more or less conventional. «A project about power and freedom, about being watched from above, from nearby and from within. And a project about the magical force of the theatre in an open public space which is also closed, about certainties and uncertainties of the illuminated night. I remember a text from „A midsummer’s...” our un-dreamed dream. „Theatre fights with the fears created by darkness. (…) It is a remedy against all fears which come from the dark. We make theatre in the heart of the night from the fear of the Night itself. And also, from the desire to forget the wonderings of the day. We play to save ourselves! From the night, from the day! Always and forever, at a crossroads!” Hamlet - a nocturnal play, a ghostly one. A space haunted by ghosts and spies. The surveillance methods but also the fear - makes everyone whisper and communicate in a coded manner, with inaudible signs and gestures… or drive them to refuse all communication.» (Gavriil Pinte)
Translated into English
Its premiere was at the XXth edition of the Short Play Theatre Festival in Oradea. It entered the competition and was awarded two prizes: for Best Scenography (Ms. Roxana Ionescu) and Best Performance.

      © Alexandru Gavra