•  Theatre 2015
  Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre
Based on the original play by Molière
Translated by: Toshihito Naito
Conceived, designed and directed by: Kazuyoshi Kushida
Lighting design: Shigeo Saito
Sound design: Kunihiko Ichiki
Costumes: Kaoru Nakano
Stage manager: Mitsuaki Adachi
Technical director: Yoshitaka Shiraishi
Cast: Kazuyoshi Kushida, Sousuke Takaoka, Erika Mabuchi, Midori Laurence Ota, Shinichiro Uchida, Keisuke Sakamoto, Jun Kondo, Takashi Hosokawa, Taku Sato, Naoko Shimoji and others
Since the play’s premiere in 1994, Kazuyoshi Kushida has remounted this benchmark production, always with an eye towards trying new ideas. The piece is based on a work from later Moliere’s career, „The Impostures of Scapin”, a play known for its satire and comedy. „It has long been said that Molière is known for writing comedies, but I always felt something heavy and dark at the heart of his plays. You don’t find boundless levity or elements of celebratory vibrancy. What is there is neither irony nor satire. Molière takes on this play with feverish breath, and a weight that is always present”, said Kushida before his production premiered in 1994. Preserving Molière’s intent, yet adapting the material for contemporary audiences so that they may understand the story in an immediate way, the play was interpreted and conceived as a fresh rendering. Introducing present-day story elements during the rigorous rehearsal process, the resulting play was SCAPIN. The play has seen a new cast every time it has been produced and the script has been revised since its 2004 production. Now with an all-new cast, this play is brought to life again, reflecting yet a new era.
Translated into Romanian and English

      © Yamada Takeshi