•  Theatre 2015
  Opera Naţională Română Iaşi/ Gigi Căciuleanu
Direction and choreography: Gigi Căciuleanu
Costumes: Gigi Căciuleanu
Light design: Gigi Căciuleanu
Musical collage: Gigi Căciuleanu
Technical direction: Dorina Cotorobai, Victor Apostol
Ballet studies master: Mihail Motovilov
Rehearsal assistant: Paula Stroe
Cast: Elvis Gache, Sarasa Nagamine, Vlad Mărculescu, Ovidiu Iancu, Lorena Negrea, Pamela Tănasă, Kotomi Hoshino, Mizuki Suzuki, Dumitru Buzincu, Monica Ailiesei, Bogdan Tuluc, Maria Cotorobai, Georgiana Dimitrescu, Mălin Galan, Aprofirei Bogdan, Răzvan Vieriu, Anca Andronache, Cătălin Pandel, Dănuț Melenciuc, Roxana Trandaf, Gabi Roșcu, Viviana Olaru, Kurumi Sakamoto
Gigi Căciuleanu: „For this show I imagined a group of people, a sample of human society in action. And what other art, if not the art of movement, dance, would be able to join together these atoms of society so as to bring to life a moment of physics, socially, and of group alchemy. We could say that any human assembly consists of three modules: Individual, Couple, Group. As with the organization of live matter in Atom, Molecule, Organic tissue, a gathering of people represents a complex organism made of simple elements: individuals, couples, groups. Each with their own dynamic, psychology, poetry, and eventually, philosophy. And an infinite combination between these elements: the Individual in relation to the Group and vice versa. The couple in relation to the Individual and vice versa. This stays equally true in the case of random persons, reunited, for example, in a bus, on the street or in a room. It is therefore valid for a theatre or dance group also. All these for one part of the road and in a given time interval. As with this show, presented in a language that is my own. With my way of seeing, thinking and creating dance. Ideas organized as a choreographic theatre performance. Where the smallest details are as important as the big energy bursts. A group energy, where the energies of everyone on stage connect, like part of an orchestration that is as elaborate as it can be. This performance speaks not only to the eye, but even to the mind and, I hope, to the heart of the spectator. I’d allow myself to invite the public not only to watch, but also, in the imagination, participate at the fate of each dance-actor… „Imagine all the people” – as John Lennon so beautifully advises us...”

      © Ozolin Dușa