•  Theatre 2015
  La Re-sentida
Direction: Marco Layera
Assistant director: Nicolás Herrera
Playwright: La Re-sentida
Design: Pablo de la Fuente
Video: Karl Heinz Sateler
Music: Marcello Martínez
Stagehand: Valeria Aguilar
Sound assistant: Matías Ulibarry
Voice training: Ema Pinto
Physical training: Paula Sacur, Felipe Vera
Child actor training: Adriana Bârză
Cast: Rodolfo Pulgar, Carolina Palacios, Carolina de la Maza, Benjamín Westfall, Benjamín Cortés, Pedro Muñoz, Sebastián Squella, Vladimir Petre/Diandru Stoica

On September 11, 1973, Salvador Allende made his last public speech as President of the Republic of Chile. A few minutes later, he killed himself in a Presidential palace under attack so as not to surrender to Augusto Pinochet’s forces, who then established a dictatorship that would last seventeen years. That is the historical truth. But the company La Re-sentida doesn’t stop there. What if Salvador Allende had had at his disposal a team of modern communication experts? Would have things been different, would he have had to act differently? If the Popular Unity coalition were to rise again tomorrow, would its foundation be more solid? By looking at the various potential paths history didn’t follow, at what might have been, Marco Layera and his team try to let go of the idealised figure of Allende as a pacifist revolutionary. For once putting aside the admiration they have for him, the members of La Re-sentida balance the action of the Popular Unity coalition against the effects of the terrible years that followed. Roughing up Chile’s mythical leader a bit could allow those young artists born after 1975 to see through the current system more clearly and to let go of the nostalgia they inherited. In order to invent a system for today, which obviously cannot be the communist dream of the ‘70s, La Re-sentida topple, with dark humour and cruelty, the all too often Manichean classification of the best and worst years in the history of Chile.
Translated into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended under 16 years old
Co-producers: Teatro La Resentida, Terni Festival (Italia), Fundación Teatro a Mil

      © Pablo de la Fuente