•  Theatre 2015
  Compagnie 28 & Teatrul Unteatru in co-production with ColectivA Cluj
Text: Eugen Jebeleanu, based on „Wunschkonzert” by Franz Xaver Kroetz
Concept, director and choreography: Eugen Jebeleanu
Stage design: Velica Panduru
Music: Alex Halka
Assistant director: Ştefan Huluba
Cast: Emilia Dobrin, Camelia Pintilie, Ştefan Huluba
Inspired by the universe of the German author Franz Xaver Kroetz and his play „Wunschkonzert”, play that consists exclusively of stage directions, „Hotel” is a performance that presents an hour from the life of three solitary persons, in the form of multiple plans that overlap and complete one another. Through this dramaturgy of gestures, „Hotel” starts out as a seemingly common, ordinary evening in the life of three women, shown in their intimacy, in a hotel room. They reflect in each other, unconsciously, through daily gestures, similar actions, as the sealed objects from the hotel become common instruments that are choreographically used by the three characters. „Eugen Jebeleanu’s «Hotel» talks about the personal histories that deposit, in layers, in a transient hotel room, and about the bits of intimate past that each leaves there.” (Iulia Popovici, Observator Cultural)
Co-producers: Teatrul Unteatru Bucureşti and ColectivA Cluj

      © Ruth Borgfjord