•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  Cie des Quidams
Performed and conceived by: Cie des Quidams
This show is a passing dream. A procession of images which begins with strange characters, bizarrely dressed, science-fiction Venetians, proud of themselves… In just 30 seconds the world changes into an atmosphere of dreamlike images, the characters transform into fantastic luminous horses… A strange little man, the „man of tracks”, lends himself to games, to jousting, to the choreographies of this fantastic herd… An original musical creation accompanies the show in the symphonic universe of legends. The images of the journey are changing, dynamic, poetical, in metamorphosis… No words but sounds, no barriers just musical atmospheres… This is a dream that passes by, a fantastic cavalcade. This new show captivates audiences across the world, as for the duration of the show the public feels to be living in a fairy tale.

      © Fulvio Trifelli