•  Music 2015
Student at Politehnica and a folk singer, awarded at the „Primăvara baladelor” festival, Mihai Pocorschi and several other Geology students began rehearsing at Sala de Cultură a Studenţilor in the fall of 1978. Several came and left, but ultimately Mihai Pocorschi, Eugen Sonia, Cristian Lesciuc, Boris Petroff remained and called themselves „Holograf”. Holograf, consisting in Mihai Pocorschi, Edi Petrosel, Tino Furtuna and Marti Popescu, convinced Dan Bittman – by then, singer at Blitz, Domino, Iris – to join them and start working on a music more clearly oriented to the rock of the ‘80s. In this formula, adding solid technical resources and ambition to be great, a tour around the country was enough for Holograf to become a well-known name. 1994 was musical revival year in Romania. People began to rediscover Romanian bands, the advertising market began organizing events and things started to move forward. The old golden trio of Romanian rock (Iris, Holograf, Compact) retook their place in the hearts of the audience, yet facing a new threat – each year brought a new music fashion. In 1995, the album „Stai în poala mea” was released, in 1999 – „Undeva departe”, an album that topped sale records. Spring of 2009 arrived with a new production entitled / called „Primăvara începe cu tine”, and the success was immediate. At the beginning of 2012, Holograf releases „Love Affair”. After 13 albums, after 30 years of existence, it’s just the beginning…

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