•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  Cie des Quidams
Performed and conceived by: Cie des Quidams
They advance in the shadow, long white figures, on stilts, draped by clothes, and who seem to wait for any meeting. Appearing in the line of a tree, at the corner of a street, provided with the only language of silence and slow gestures, they begin strange secret meetings, they approach, withdraw and finally invite us to follow them... Step by step, the characters are transformed into voluminous 4m height characters. Deformed and majestuous at the same time, clumsy and ethereal, as if they come from another planet, their heads light up. Then the enormous silhouettes take us off around a luminous star. To a strange and bewitching music, the characters carry a magic rite which makes the star rise up in the sky... As a wick to the moon... As in a dream... „Herbert’s Dream” has been performed in more than 100 cities in France and several times in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and also in Austria, Belorussia, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland. The show has been performed in several festivals in France and Europe, and also during huge cultural events (Biennale de la Danse, 2002 Swiss National Exhibition), sports events, company events (Sevel Nord, Marionnaud, Peugeot, Air France) and European events (celebration of 10 new countries entering the European Community, in Kilkenny (Ireland) and Strasbourg, celebration of the anniversary of the Entente Cordiale).

      © Fulvio Trifelli