•  Theatre 2015
  Teatrul Naţional „Radu Stanca” Sibiu
GIRAFFES - Urban fable #1
After: Pau Miró
Directed by: Radu Afrim
Translated and adapted by: Radu Afrim
Stage design: Dragoş Buhagiar
Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu
Sound universe: Radu Afrim
Assistant director: Sanda Anastasof
Stage design assistant: Irina Chirilă
Cast: Marius Turdeanu, Mariana Mihu, Ioan Paraschiv, Adrian Matioc, Ioan Savu, Dana Maria Lăzărescu and the actors of „Buffalos”
Part of the „Urban Fables Trilogy”, written by Catalan author Pau Miró, „Giraffes” reflects the strong desire of every ordinary woman to be unconventional and free. The play is centered around an apparently mundane object, but nonetheless one that has revolutionized the life of every woman in the past century: the washing machine. Transposed to 1968 Romania, „Giraffes” is a family play that tackles the theme of the childless couple and subjects as feminism, traditional values, free will and love. Within a conceptual and suggestive set design, signed by Dragoș Buhagiar, Radu Afrim’s tragicomic staging shows the hidden wilderness and poetics of the woman’s soul and the fragility of the machismo system with defying and ironic humor.
Translated into English

      © Adrian Bulboacă