•  The VIRGIL FLONDA Reading Shows 2015
 Germany - Romaina
FRITZ KATER - I am searching for I:N:R:I
Event moderated by: Cătălin Ştefănescu
Translated by Ciprian Marinescu
Workshop coordinated by: Armin Petras
Special Guest: Armin Petras
Speakers: Ciprian Marinescu, Cristina Modreanu
Born in 1966 at Bad Kleinen (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania). Moved to East Berlin and completed High School there. Then military service in the army, followed by training as a television technician. Worked with alternative theatre groups associated with the Church. In 1987, he moved to West Germany. Casual work as a waiter, assistant director, and taxi-driver in Bavaria. First attempts at writing. Returned to Berlin in 1990. Full-time employment with a design control company, based in the Moabit district of Berlin. Fritz Kater has written plays since 1990. Married with three children. Not be confused with Armin Petras. Born in Meschede in the Sauerland. In 1969, he moved to the GDR with his parents. Grew up in East Berlin. Between 1985-1987, he studied Stage direction at the Ernst Busch University for Dramatic Arts in Berlin; co-founder of the independent theatre group Medea Ost. In 1987, he produced Heiner Müller’s “Wolokolamsker Chaussee 1-3” at Nordhausen Theatre. In 1988, he left the GDR and moved over to West Berlin. After the Berlin Wall came down, he produced plays at western and eastern German theatres: Kleist Theatre Frankfurt/Oder, Chemnitz Theatre, Freie Kammerspiele Magdeburg, Schauspiel Leipzig, Nationaltheater Mannheim, Volkstheater Rostock, Berliner Ensemble, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin, Schauspiel Hanover, Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel Munich. Between 1996-1999, he worked as a Senior Play Director at the Nordhausen Theatre and an in-house director in Schauspiel Leipzig. Between 999-2002 he was Director of Acting at Staatstheater Kassel. In 2002, he started at the Schauspiel Frankfurt as full-time director, where he has managed the venue in Schmidtstraße since the 2003/2004 season. In addition, he also produced plays at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg and at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. From the 2006/2007 season until the end of the 2012/2013 season, he was the artistic director of the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin. Beginning with season 2013/2014, Petras is manager of the Schauspiel Stuttgart.