•  Dance 2015
   Art AnDDanza Promotions SL
Performed and choreographed by: Jesus Carmona, Lola Greco, Karime Amaya, Jose Maldonado, Ana Arroyo
Artistic director: Ricardo Cue
Musicians: Daniel Jurado, Victor “El Tomate”, Kike Terron, Thomas Potiron, Ismael Fernandes “El Bola” , El Trini
A journey through the art of classical Spanish and flamenco dance from its roots to the present. Five of the greatest Spanish dancers, each one with its own personality and strength. This show is a perfect balance between classical Spanish dance and flamenco. This show is a safe bet for success and it is a show of excellent quality for more demanding public. 5 stars of the Spanish dance will give all the power of their amazing technique and their wonderful souls that love to dance. Wherever they go, these artists thrill all audiences. Along the trip these dancers are accompanied with some of the best flamenco musicians of the actuality: masters that work with the best flamenco dancers and at the same time make their own career as soloists. We can say of the gala „5 stars” that it is a great result of mixing together a lot of talented and amazing artists in the same shaker.

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