•  Outdoor Performances 2015
Performed by: ElKote
A walking and static performance that brings together: juggling, acrobatics, balancing, improvisation and theatre… all performed by a clown called „El Kote”, who creates a world from an empty space. Jose is a true street artist, belonging to the old school European street artists, which includes in this category only those who make the street their home. „A spectacular explosion of energy that transforms any state of mind into attention and laughter, without leaving any space for day to day problems, since he is so keen to get the performance on, an overkill of difficult and spectacular tricks, too funny and… an ever-changing rubber face. He appears on his bicycle-stage, which he dismantles to create the perfect scene for this happiness meltdown”. José Miguel Orellana Díaz („El Kote”) was and still is present in the best street festivals in the world. In particular, in the recent years he has been the protagonist, several times in Italy, Ferrara Busker’s Festival and Mercantia, enjoying great success with the public.

      © Stefania Bianchini