•  The VIRGIL FLONDA Reading Shows 2015
 United States of America
ERIK EHN - Shape
Event moderated by: Cătălin Ştefănescu
Translated by: Dan Sociu
Directed by: Bogdan Sărătean
Special Guest: Erik Ehn
Speakers: Cosmin Chivu, Dan Sociu, Ioana Jucan
Playwright and stage director, author of theoretical studies, head of the dramatic writing department Theatre Arts Performance Studies at Brown University, USA, Erik Ehn has an important teaching activity (School of Theatre, California Institute of the Arts, University of Iowa, Naropa, University of California–San Diego, University of Dallas, University of San Francisco, Skidmore, Princeton University, etc.), has held workshops at the Belarus Free Theater in Minsk and The Flea in New York etc. Also, he co-founded the Tenderloin Opera Company in San Francisco and the Regional Alternative Theatre (RAT) which became an important meeting centre for alternative theatre practitioners. He has brought important artistic and dramatic contributions as part of the San Francisco’s Theatre of Yugen company. He also founded the annual conference “Arts in the One World”.