•  Conferences and Seminars 2015
 Japan - Romania
EDS LABORATORY (Ecology Diversity Energy)
Guest: Sachio ISHII
The EDS technology is a technology that preserves the tropical forests and allows forests to regenerate. An epochal technique, a world premiere, that makes feasible the use of materials impossible to utilize until now (palm tree, bamboo, coconut tree etc.) as construction or furniture materials. The inventor of this technology and designer of various buildings, will explain first-hand the result of this amazing technology. Why can it be said that this technology protects natural forests? What can this technology contribute to in the future? Mr. Ishii will answer to various questions from different points of view. Experts from Japan, Romania or other European countries will take part in this debate. Members of APMR (The Romanian Association of Furniture Manufacturers) who manufactured furniture using Romanian materials treated with EDS will provide reports, by comparing the use of Romanian materials with the use of classic technology. Also, the representative of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) will discuss the necessity of this technology or the perspectives it opens. Furthermore, the debate will analyses the possibility to advance from an industry that destroys the environment to an industry that protects nature.